IVF Update

picture by Robert Hruzek

picture by Robert Hruzek

I haven’t posted about it this time, but I’m currently in the middle of another IVF. So far it is going well. My retrieval will probably be this weekend. My hope is to have enough for a transfer, but if we don’t that is okay too. Either way we are going to start transferring in March.

This is my fourth full meds IVF, sixth total. I no longer have any problems injecting myself and rarely draw blood or bruise anymore. The interesting thing about going through so many of these is that I no longer stress about the process. Of course, I’m sure that will change once we get to do a transfer and I have the two-week wait. But the first half of the process – easy as pie.

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    • I do hate the in-between time too. It often feels like you aren’t doing anything. I just try to focus on keeping my stress low and my eating habits, but that time can drag!

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