We Are Moving to China!

That isn’t a typo – in July the husband and I are packing up our bags and moving to China. Shanghai, China that is.


We are beyond excited! Nervous for the big change of course, but mostly excited. The husband and I have known for a few weeks now, but have been waiting to tell our friends before I blogged about it. You may remember that we have been thinking about moving abroad for a while now. My husband is in a field that allows him to secure a job abroad. Our hope was that he would find something abroad and then I would look for a job once we got to wherever we ended up going. However, the company wanted my husband so much they offered me a job to sweeten the deal!

So not only are we moving to Shanghai, but we both have jobs! I’ll be doing something new, but still within my chosen field of education. It will definitely be a challenge, both the move and the job, but I am so excited!

The move date – mid-July. Watch out Shanghai, here we come!

photo by Weijie~

14 thoughts on “We Are Moving to China!

  1. What a great opportunity to learn about a different culture. I bet you’ll find lots of interesting things to do there. So many movies are filmed there. I hear China’s tallest building is in Shanghai and is open to the public for tours and stuff. Great news. Keep us posted as we near the move date.

  2. Wow–Congrats on the new jobs and being able to move to a foreign country. I’m sure Shanghai is going to be a blast for you! Be sure to take advantage of all the delicious food and cheap massages–I’m so envious!

  3. congrats, I know how much you guys wanted this. Just recently came back to your blog so good to see you’re in good spirits.

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