3 Months

6126997800_8821a94937I have had an amazing past four weeks. It was an intensive, sleep deprived, and crazy learning experience. I started the process scared and unsure of myself and left with confidence and five new friends. I just finished getting my certification to teach English to speakers of other languages.

I leave for China on July 15th. A few weeks later I start a job teaching English. I have never taught before, or really ever had the desire to teach, yet I could not say no to this opportunity. I signed up for this course in order to get some practice teaching and obtain some knowledge on how we learn languages. It was so much better than I expected. Not only because of what I learned and being able to practice my teaching, but also because of the people I met.

It was a small glimpse into the world I’ll be experiencing once we move. Not only what I’ll be doing but the type of people I will be meeting. I can’t wait!

by rodrigoferrari

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